Don’t Skimp on Cost when Choosing a Flat Roof Contractor

The intensity of the winter season in Toronto maintains the vehemence as previous years.  Houses find it difficult to hold up against the severe weather and one particular issue that accompanies the spring is flat roof leakage.

There are various materials used to make flat roofs with TPO, PVC and EPDM being the most commonly used.  EPDM is however the most durable of the three and have been in use for over 50 years. The major faults that cause these leakages are contractor errors and material wear-off. Generally roofing faults are 95 per cent due to contractor errors or improper installations. King Koating is an expert in the field of installing flat roofing amongst other types of roofing.

The faults arising from the use of low quality material include; thin membranes, improper flashing materials and faulty mechanical fasteners. The faults arising from poor installations include; use of wrong adhesives, improper wall area flashing and installations at low temperatures. There is no doubt that so many companies claim to be flat roof experts but are unskilled at fixing flat roofs. However, there are few ways a home owner can be sure to get quality products, proper installation, lastingness and a strong warranty. With a professional company, you can be rest assured of getting the best flat roof repair, installation and maintenance service.


Experience and expertise are very important elements to consider when choosing a roofing company. Companies that possess these qualities use long lasting materials for your flat roof and design good and durable flat roof that can withstand severe weather elements. Each process and material involved in constructing your flat roof, such as flashing wall areas, parapet walls, heating or AC devices and proper sealing of the seams of a flat roof, require experience and expertise.

It is quite normal for many homeowners to want to lash-up the leaky flat roof but in most cases it is either not possible or not advisable. This is simply because; many leaky flat roofs have the tendency to develop more leakage points in no distant time, mostly due to the fact that low quality materials were used in the process. To lash-up leaky spot will be a sheer waste of time and money since the other leaky points will soon present themselves. Home owners have ended up spending more on leaky roofs than they would on installing new roofs simply because after they lash- up the first leakage, other leakage areas surfaces.

Some end up patching the roof for about 7 times or even more. The cost of fixing the roof combined with the cost of repairing the continuous interior damage done sums up to amounts higher than the price of installing new flat roofs.

In conclusion, it is very important to select a good and competent company that can handle your flat roof installation and repairs. The company should be able to select durable materials for your flat roof as well as have the expertise in installation and repairing of flat roofs.


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